Buildings Etcetera was established on April 25, 1989, by Peter and Kathy Chase. With $10,000 to invest, they worked on a shoestring budget operating from their home in New Limerick, Maine. Since then, well over 2000 projects have been competed with some contracts exceeding $4,000,000.00. Over 100 million dollars of sales have been contracted since its inception.

Many of their projects are outside of the area, but are completed with local employees and subcontractors to continue to infuse dollars into Aroostook and Washington County. As the name “Etcetera” implies, the company’s services are not limited to buildings. Projects have ranged from intricate concrete foundations, fabrications of belt conveyors, installation of biomass boilers, construction of pump stations, sewer treatment plants, pre-engineered STAR buildings to contemporary homes and modernized
financial institutions.

Their employees show great ingenuity. With the standard team count of 20+, they are able to fulfill most construction needs. They perform concrete foundations, certified structural welding, steel erection, weather protection, drywall, cabinetry construction, specialties as well as CAD drawing, design, and all aspects of project management.

For any of the areas they do not perform personally, they have developed a complementary team of exceptional subcontractors and suppliers. Buildings Etcetera takes pride in providing the highest quality products in a very timely manner in a safe and clean environment.

Who We Are

Buildings Etcetera, Inc.'s Construction Management philosophy is based on a team approach that includes all affected parties (Owner/ Engineer/Subcontractor and Buildings Etcetera, Inc.). A successful project benefits all business partners. Owner must receive a quality project built quickly at a fair price. Subcontractor must be allowed to work efficiently, be held to high standards, and be paid in a timely manner. The engineers and construction manager must work together to allow each to provide his expertise to assure successful completion.

Why choose Buildings Etcetera?

  • Engineering/design/drafting capabilities readily available. We can create a perfect image for you.
  • Highly successful fast-track projects. This enables your capital dollars to produce cash flow quickly.
  • Office support staff easily accessible with detailed records: man-hour reports, material commitment reports, submittal logs, subcontract agreements, etc.
  • The ability to plan, recognize and schedule a project in detail prior to the start of the job assuring below-budget and on-schedule completion.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of safety regulations including hazard communication, personal protective equipment, rigging techniques, etc.
  • Better discounts on materials based on high volume purchases.
  • Optimum pricing on steel projects due to our dealership with STAR Building Systems.
  • Reliable management team that does not depend on the strength of one individual.
  • The ability to be bonded in excess of fifteen million dollars as assurance that your project will be completed and bills paid in any event.
  • Full insurance coverage including Workers' Compensation Insurance, Liability Insurance, and Auto Insurance.
  • The financial capability to keep the project moving smoothly.


Buildings Etcetera, Inc.